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OUR BUSINESS HRDevelopers today serves it’s customers through various fronts of knowledge. Certainly one of them will meet your needs. Get to know our services in mySAP ERP HCM:

There are situations in which the company managers have to deal with a lack of technical and strategic information which can strongly affect the success of their actions.

In moments like this HRDevelopers advises the companies in all necessary aspects, filling them with information and experiences already seen in the market by their clients.

HRDevelopers is the most capacitated company to carry out implementation of MySAP ERP HCM, with incomparable rates of economy (time and cost), as well as the high quality in delivering the implementation which can be corroborated by our list of Clients and Partners.

It is through total commitment of our professionals and our vision of business and the market that HRDevelopers can offer the market such differentiated consulting services.

Aware of the need for high specialization of professionals for the MySAP HR module with emphasis on Payroll, HRDevelopers created a specific business unit, where the Client may count on the most renowned specialists in the area, who act from the location of Payroll to Brazil.

With this, HRDevelopers can offer the market a differentiated service: professionals who are specialized in Payroll, with effective expertise, as well as consulting in HR processes, allied to the techniques available in the MySAP ERP HCM Module.

The HRDevelopers has a team of ABAP with knowledge in specific development techniques for mySAP ERP HCM.

Beside the ABAP HR knowledge techniques, these professionals have advanced Functional knowledge in this module, eliminating the need for Functional support for its development. Part of the activities scope of our ABAP HR team, all available techniques for the module such as: using the logical database, macros, infotype log, Functions and Operations of Payroll and Time Management, among others.

HRDevelopers, through its multipliers, is always updating itself in acquiring know-how in new technologies and functionalities in the module, thus being able to develop applications for any components of the module, such as: time management reports, payroll reports, I/O interfaces for the module, maintenance and data extraction from cluster, creation of infotypes, expanding Standard infotypes, activation of infotype log, SAPSCripts of the module, pictures in reports and screens, MDT, ESS, among others.

HRDevelopers is formed by a team of consultants highly specialized implementations and improvements of MySAP ERP HCM.

With this know-how the professionals become capacitated in configuration, project management and human resources processes which allow for a successful implementation in a short time.

Our team is able to work in all MySAP ERP HCM functionalities, counting on specialized professionals such as: Payroll, Time, MDT/MSS/ESS and CATs.

As in the specialty of the programming technician in ABAP specific for MySAP ERP HCM, the same happens when extracting information from BW HR, which is an excellent SAP tool for extracting information and analyzing for managerial decision making.

Always ahead in the market, HRDevelopers created in 2003, a team (cell) with the main target to meet demands of SAP PORTAL & NETWEAVER, offering totally qualified professionals. HRDevelopers already have effective “cases” for this new technology for mySAP ERP HCM products.

Some processes, on mySAP ERP HCM, demands a highly capable professional for configuration and development.

It is in this moment that HRDevelopers can help companies with our technological know-how, optimizing theses routine processes.

With the aim of obtaining this optimization HRDevelopers analyses the processes, configurations and developments made and suggests the necessary adjustments.

Specify, Develop and Document an interface, be it for input or output on the mySAP ERP HCM, is not a simple task, it demands great technological understanding of the architecture of this module and knowledge of the available extracting tools, which greatly differ from each modules. Not considering this leaves your company open to working with incoherent information or can even compromise the security level already configured in your system.

HRDevelopers has a ready-made solutions (already installed in many Clients), needing only a few adjustments to become adequate to the peculiarities of your company.

AThe activities of our consultants, HR Functional, ABAP HR and SAP Portal & Netweaver, in many projects, from the beginning of the use of this module in Brazil, allowed for a high level of specialization by HRDevelopers. This allowed developing some complimentary improvements of MySAP ERP HCM and also accelerators which facilitates the entrance in productions of our clients. These products and accelerators allow project time and costs reduction.


Approximately more than 60 specific programs for mySAP ERP HCM are attached to a Charging control system; pre-developed interfaces which can be adjusted for different situations; generating XML file for external systems; listogram; hollerith; time management projection functions; payroll projection functions; functions to be used in rules and schemes for managing time and payroll; new infotypes; two options for processing vacations; program for salary increase with many options; complementary termination; retroactive calculations, etc.


Below are some products offered by HRDevelopers, and are being used by innumerous clients.

- Vacation Programming;
- Electronic allowance for Managers;
- Employee History Management;
- Third Party Management;
- Flexible PPR.

Faça contato e peça uma demonstração. Contact us and ask for a demonstration. This and other solutions are available in our huge digital library.

Based on cases, we have seen that a fairly flexible technical support contract optimizes the system use and reduces costs. This allows the client to follow the evolution of the Human Resources module. This follow-up many times is reflected in the form of optimization of the system operationalization as well as having always easy access to all professional profiles existing for this module.

Based on the market tendencies, where competitiveness lead the companies to focus their strategic processes (core business), many times they come to face high costs or technical difficulties in caring for processes that are not related to their main activity.

In this way, HRDevelopers, with their knowledge and focusing on their main activity, can offer the market, through partners, outsourced services, partial or complete, of Human Resources processes, with the aim of reducing operation costs and even make feasible projects not designed in MySAP ERP HCM.