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PRODUCTS The activities of our consultants, HR Functional, ABAP HR and SAP Portal & Netweaver, in many projects, from the beginning of the use of this module in Brazil, allowed for a high level of specialization by HRDevelopers. This allowed developing some complimentary improvements of mySAP ERP HCM and also accelerators which facilitates the entrance in productions of our clients. These products and accelerators allow project time and costs reduction.


Approximately more than 60 specific programs for mySAP ERP HCM are attached to a Charging control system; pre-developed interfaces which can be adjusted for different situations; generating XML file for external systems; listogram; hollerith; time management projection functions; payroll projection functions; functions to be used in rules and schemes for managing time and payroll; new infotypes; two options for processing vacations; program for salary increase with many options; complementary termination; retroactive calculations, etc.


Below are some products offered by HRDevelopers, and are being used by innumerous clients.

- Vacation Programming;
- Electronic allowance for Managers;
- Employee History Management;
- Third Party Management;
- Flexible PPR.

Contact us and ask for a demonstration. This and other solutions are available in our huge digital library.