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ABAP HR The HRDevelopers has a team of ABAP with knowledge in specific development techniques for mySAP ERP HCM.

Beside the ABAP HR knowledge techniques, these professionals have advanced Functional knowledge in this module, eliminating the need for Functional support for its development. Part of the activities scope of our ABAP HR team, all available techniques for the module such as: using the logical database, macros, infotype log, Functions and Operations of Payroll and Time Management, among others.

HRDevelopers, through its multipliers, is always updating itself in acquiring know-how in new technologies and functionalities in the module, thus being able to develop applications for any components of the module, such as: time management reports, payroll reports, I/O interfaces for the module, maintenance and data extraction from cluster, creation of infotypes, expanding Standard infotypes, activation of infotype log, SAPSCripts of the module, pictures in reports and screens, MDT, ESS, among others.