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Presentation Currently HRDevelopers has the know-how and expertise to demonstrate solutions to companies that have or plan to implement MySAP HR module, from a simple development to implementation or a BPO contract through our areas of available services.

History The history of HRDevelopers may be divided in two great phases:

The company was established in 2001 with two of three shareholders, Alexandre Muniz and Kelson Mota Cavalcante, who used their experiences in ABAP acquired in the first implementations of SAP HR (Embraco and EMAE) to develop the programming techniques in ABAP HR. Hence HRDevelopers appeared, believing in the module’s success, and specializing their consultants in ABAP HR and developing complementary solutions to the module. During this period the company positioned itself in the market as a supplier of specialized ABAP HR resources for development. A few months later, HRDevelopers started counting on a new partner, Tiago Chiacho Franzim, who did the first SAP R/3 HR academy of partners held in Brazil and participated in the first Human Resources projects as functional consultant, specializing in Time. Currently, the company already expanded its activities and not restricted to ABAP HR consultants: a cell for HR Functionals, SAP Portal & Netweaver, Payroll, among others, were created.

Aware of the complexity of the Human Resources module and aiming to meet the quality of the services offered, HRDevelopers bring to management team the consultant Alexandre Azuma who assumed a important position in the Technical / Commercial management.

With the team established and a well designed business plan, HRDevelopers already conquered projects of full implementation, highlighting the execution time and quality of their projects – which results in cost reduction.

Always innovating for the market, today HRDevelopers also has the technology to meet current and future clients in Help Desk and BPO (Transition), as well as Strategic Consulting.

With this history, HRDevelopers obtained the official partnership effectively acknowledged by SAP at the end of 2003.

Since 2005 HRDevelopers have been awarding Duns & Bradstreet - D-U-N-S (# 91-277-3017) certification.

In 2006 HRDevelopers awarded the "Destaque em Consultoria em Tecnologia para RH" (Distinction on HR Technology Consulting) prize in the Service Business Company category, competing with People Solution, Plaut, Quanam, Emeritis, Arinso , IBM Brazil, Serta RH, Delloitte and Sunrising.

The study was requested by Editora Segmento and was performed by JP consultants which studied for 6 months the Human Capital technologies for products and services supplier market in the year 2005.

. 200 companies were evaluated. 3 sectors: Products (Application), Solutions (Specific Projects) and Professional Services, 32 segments with companies selected to award a prize for best performance. Rank with top 10 suppliers. The following parameters was used to choose the best: market-share in the segment, growing rate in 2005; client base, average revenue per customer, average revenue per employee, investment in research and development; share of mind and history in the sector (number of years).

Again, in 2007 HRDevelopers was awarded again with the best company in the “CUSTOM PROJECTS, HR IMPLEMENTATION AREA” competing with IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Braxis, Oracle, Bearing Point, Sunrising and Arinso.

Based on 2006 database, the studies are result of a research that Editora Segmento requested to JP Consulting, which evaluated approximately 200 companies for this 3rd Technology Study for People Management.