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CASES OF SUCCESS Below is a description of some of our cases. In case your needs are not in these examples we can demonstrate all other projects carried out by HRDevelopers.

Multibrás Project:
With the experience already acquired in ABAP HR and our knowledge of the client (Embraco), HRD once again was required to actively participate in this project where we develop from conversions to more complex solutions for the module, including functional activities.

After the production HRDevelopers performed various improvements, between them: Third Party Management, Automatic Time Approval, Personal Costs support functionalities. We performed this project in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina (Whirpool).

Nazca Project:
One of the fastest projects in the history of SAP HR in Brazil. It used a HRDevelopers's template allowing it’s implementation in 3 months (12 weeks) of the following sub-modules: personnel administration, organizational management, time management and payroll.

Petrobrás Project:
One of the greatest and more complex SAP implementation projects carried out up to this moment, HRD actively participates helping our partner Bearing Point in the main development fronts for the HR module such as Payroll Customization, Time and development in ABAP HR.

Itaú Project:
Coordinating and managing all needs for ABAP HR development we were able to work once again together with SAP, where we were able to contribute also in the solution for decentralizing the personnel movement, transferences, promotions and salary alterations as well as specific developments for ESS and MDT.

DIRECTV Project:
IImplementation of the SAP HR system in Brazil, United States, Argentina, Mexico and Venezuela with the following sub-modules: personnel administration, organizational management, benefits, time management and personnel costs management, where we also implemented the SAP-ADP interface with the windows XML version, as well as a Report for costs planning.

PGVT Project:
Allowing for charging the data and also for an interface with external payroll, we contributed for the success of the project by implementing SAP HR. Highlight to development of SAP-ADP with windows XML version.

PGTech Project:
Implementing and adapting the SAP HR system with the following sub-modules: personnel administration, organizational management, benefits, time management and personnel costs management. Once again we contributed to reduce the development time and increase the quality through the implementation of the SAP-ADP interface with XML internet version.

Schincariol Project:
Helping our partner in their specific needs in technology knowledge for developing management reports, infotypes and cluster adjustments for payroll for the SAP HR module.

Açominas Project:
As well as supporting all the development needs in the ABAP HR front we had the chance to do the development in SAP Portal/Netweaver while also developing our method in this new technology.

SAP HR Base Line Project:
Due to HRDevelopers Know How, Quality, Trust and Digital Library; it was recognized by the market and was invited by SAP to develop a basic pre-configured system (PA, PD, Time and Payroll) to speed up and reduce implementation costs for mid-size and small-size companies.

BAT (British American Tobacco - Souza Cruz) Project:
Primer Global Project for Personnel Development (TalenT Project) functionality implementation of mySAP ERP Human Resources in 186 countries.

Global project participation on Personnel Administration (Enable Project) functionality of mySAP ERP Human Resources system.

Primer improvements in the mySAP ERP Human Resources system to Souza Cruz.

Primer in the mySAP ERP Human Resources system support to Souza Cruz.

Management and execution of mySAP ERP Solution Centre for the Global Project.

Schaefler Group Project (INA-Luk-FAG):
PHuman Resources module implementation project including master data, organizational management, benefits, time management, payroll and improvements. Operational support and maintenance.

Project implementation of Human Resources module with master data, organizational management, benefits, compensation, training, recruitment and selection, time management and payroll sub-modules. The HRDevelopers today is responsible for the bank’s Help Desk with more than 80.000 employees and 25 companies. Today we are the official and homologated dealer.